The Different Options on Jewelry Box

Every jewelry owner deserves a reliable jewelry box to keep their accessories safe and in beautiful condition. Fortunately these days, there is a great selection on designs of jewelry boxes – from luxurious keepsakes to large jewelry armoires. The choices are definitely overwhelming; especially for newbie buyers. That being said, the question in mind arises – which really is the right type for you?

The suitable type of jewelry box for you should depend on the size of your collection, your design and material preferences, and the place where you plan to put it in. When chosen appropriately, your necklaces should stay tangle-free, your rings stay in good condition, and your stones retain their brilliant shine over time.

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Jewelry Box Types

These are the jewelry boxes that you can consider looking at in case you are not sure as to where to start:

  • Wooden jewelry box. This jewelry chest adds style and convenience to your abode, just like hoe a mens valet box does it. Some come with small dimensions; while others are designed with multiple drawers and lift-able tops with mirrors for better functionality and style. Definitely, it is a perfect storage medium; not only for jewelry, but for other small valuables as well. Material options available are cherry, rosewood, maple and many more.
  • Ballerina jewelry box. Elegant and extremely feminine, this jewelry organizer offers plenty or storage space for any kinds of jewelry, whether they are watches, rings, necklaces, and the likes. The best part is, all models come with ballerina music so undoubtedly, this item is a great keepsake and heirloom that can be passed on for generations to come.

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  • Personalized jewelry box. Now, here’s a more exciting option that anyone can easily opt for. Regardless which design you prefer – piano, star, butterfly, with glitters or not – there are unlimited possibilities once you go for customized jewelry boxes. Models available come in metal, bamboo, wood, leather, and many more. Alternatively, the owner can opt to include tunes to the item according to his/her preference.
  • Jewelry roll. Normally, this jewelry case comes in a long pouch that is rolled when closed and laid flat on the surface when opened. Here, you can store any accessory of your choice – watches, rings, necklaces, and others. The best part is, it saves a great deal of space and is very portable; therefore, it is an ideal alternative for those people who travel a lot.

And these are just some on the many options on jewelry boxes. Be sure to choose the one that meets your preferences perfectly to acquire full satisfaction on the purchase.