Simple Scale Home Projects Using Wooden Crates

Styled wooden crates create many use alternatives that extend beyond storage and transportation options. Custom creations can produce refined valet boxes while options may be used to contain liquid edibles such as wine and milk.

Pets get to have mobile homes from open mode choices and thus can tag along on any excursions without much fuss. Lifestyle can be made a lot more pleasant with the right functional acquisitions that are workable in varied environs. Sleek and retro designs can be adopted.

Handy DIY tips are easy to follow enabling one to make personalized solutions that best capture emergent conditions. Terrific savings can be realized when compared to complete units from retailers. After use, capacity is huge; making a current purchase a good investment that extends further than intended.

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Procuring mens valet box and matching accessory sets will create a lasting heritage that will be enjoyed in its day to day use. Important items such as watches get proper storage and transport compartments. Safety and damage associated risks are reduced this way.

How to Make Wooden Crates

Crates can be fashioned from almost any kind of wood and to a size specification as desired. These materials are needed to complete the assignment: measuring tape, wooden boards, saw and screw driver.


  • Measure out the model sizes for the sides, ends and corner braces of the crate. Suitable specifications for a 3×2×2 crate are 1×2 feet boards that are 1×4 for the sides and 2×4 for the corner braces.
  • Lay out the 2×4 on an even surface and surround them with the 1×4. Ensure that ample margins are made up for the outside edges of the 2×4′s.
  • Screw on the 1×4’s onto the 2×4 using 1.5 inch wood screws on all the edges to have a free standing structure that is able to support itself.
  • Repeat the procedure for the remaining sides to have an open crate with flush edges at the outside.
  • Lay 2 feet boards on the open ends and screw them in place using 1 inch screws. Repeat the step for the bottom lid.
  • Hinges are a good alternative that can be used for the lid in place of fastening. It makes for easier access and convenience.
  • Add two boards across the middle to enhance support.

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Comfort and ventilation concerns are top priority when constructing wooden dog crates. Top quality breathable material should be used as these pieces have the double advantage of being used as furniture pieces. Dog size is an important factor to guarantee mobility within the structure. Thorough clean up procedures are required for wooden milk crates to maintain high hygiene standards and long usability.

A variety of wood choices can be used on wooden wine crates. Pine and alder are the best options for they have been tried and proven. Cedar is also well suited because of its low absorbent capacity and characteristic fragrances. Sustainable use of wooden crates saves on costs and tree resources. Versatile use gives freedom to use in a variety of situations. Creative application is limitless making it worthwhile to keep on crates beyond their initial intended use.