The Stylish and Multi-Functional Mens Valet Box

Jewelry boxes are normally associated with women; however “jewelry” boxes for men have been in existence for years, and are often referred to as mens valet box. When you think about a man’s jewelry box, a dull wooden box probably pops up in your mind; however, the various designs and types of these boxes contradict such an image. Men’s jewelry box valet depict a masculine yet sophisticated look.

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What is the Purpose of a Valet Box?

Mens valet box offers a number of uses. The box is designed to be multi-functional and is normally used to safely keep and organize the items men carry every day, such as keys, loose change, wallets, watches and rings. They are normally kept on dresses or on bedside tables, to make them easily assessable while retiring for bed or when beginning a new day. They may also be placed on tables near entry or exit doors.

Black Mens Wooden Valet Box

Various Types of Valet Boxes for Men

These boxes come in a variety of types, styles and sizes. Here is a look at these various types:

  • Mens wooden valet box. Wooden valet boxes are quite popular due to their warm and welcoming nature. These types of boxes whether elegantly polished or ornamentally carved, exude comfort and assurance that your jewelry is safe. While the outer layer of the box may be made from fine solid wood that is elegantly polished to give it a tasteful finish, the interiors of the box are often made from fine silk, suede or velvet material to cushion jewelry. The various styles of wooden jewelry boxes include rustic walnut, veneer boxes with various compartments and pouches, maple wooden boxes, rosewood polished valet box, top-quality handmade mahogany boxes and executive valet boxes.


  • Mens leather valet box. Leather valet boxes are also a common contemporary choice for most men, as they offer a feel of elegance and are quite convenient to move around with, especially for the traveling business man. They are also made with various compartments for storing different men’s jewelry.  These types of boxes come in classic black, cordovan and different shades of brown.


Classic Mens Valet Box

How to Choose a Valet Box

Choosing these jewelry boxes purely depends on your personal taste, so whether you prefer the executive presidential valet box or the contemporary classy black leather box you can find one that suits your style. On the other hand, if your primary concern is the functionality of the valet box over its “elegance” then you should consider choosing one that has multi-functional components. For instance, such a box should be able to have a component for jewelry, keys and even phone accessories.  With a multi-functional valet box, you will be able to easily and conveniently access any item you may need, and you will also spare your wife, partner and yourself the headache of having to find your keys or watch on a busy morning.

A Perfect Gift for Men

Mens valet box make the perfect gift to commemorate a work accomplishment such as a promotion, a birthday, an occasion or an anniversary.  They offer a traditional sense of style while ‘keeping in touch’ with the twenty first century concepts.  They also make an ideal solution for solving problems such as coin clutter and ‘lost’ keys, thus the man it is intended for will remember you for a long time, and it is also a better gift choice than the traditional tie.

Personalized Mens Leather Valet Box


In a time where style and fashion play a big role in most people’s lives, owning a classy jewelry box can make a man feel proud and sophisticated, so consider investing in one. In addition, Mens Valet box can be a functional item to utilize in your everyday life.